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Chapter 8: telling stories with video

March 12th, 2011 · Comments Off on Chapter 8: telling stories with video

In this chapter, Briggs makes a point in explaining that good video speaks for itself. No need to edit, do voice overs. No, nothing. Good rough video, and the audience will get the message.

“Visual journalism is about telling compelling stories that connect an audience with subjects, people, and issues.”

Some things are better to understand if you have video. The digital world made video even more accessible and easy to use.

It’s up to you if you want to use your webcam to record video, or if you want to set up a well-illuminated high-quality well-edited video session.

Despite your decision, there are some tips and guidelines you need to follow:

  • Know the approach you’re going to take. Are you breaking news? Is it a highlight clip? Every clip asks for a different approach
  • Plan ahead. Sketch your story. Storyboard! Have an idea in mind before you start.
  • Mix your shots. Use five-shot sequence: 1-close-up on the hands, 2- close-up on the face, 3-wide shot, 4-over-the-shoulder shot, 5-creative shot.
  • Sound is very important in a video!
  • Force yourself to feel comfortable doing stand-ups. Get up!

When shooting a video, keep in mind the focus, zoom, exposure! Think about composition, and keep it short!

You don’t have a camera? Start with your webcam like I did.

Click here to view the embedded video.

If you ready to go out and shoot, get yourself a camera! Not ready to buy a camera? You can always borrow one from the starlab!

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