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Briggs 5

February 21st, 2011 · Comments Off on Briggs 5

Just like Manchester Evening News crime reporter Nicola Dowling, I too have used mobile technology. While working with, I found myself in front a severe car crash while driving home from the store. Without a digital camera and notepad, I quickly grabbed my mobile phone and snapped pictures of the accident. I also used the notepad application in my blackberry to take quotes at the scene and described the surrounded area affected by the accident. I then immediately e-mailed those pictures to my editor and we ran the story just a few short minutes later. As a mobile reporter I can report from any medium, from anywhere, anytime.

You can check out the news story I wrote using this link.

In our COMM361 class, students use live blogging.

  • Live blogging is the practice of covering an ongoing event with constant updates. You create one entry and keep adding to it.

Using Twitter, students can tweet quotes and shared information from our guest speakers.

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